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The expansion and unthinkable development of PCB technology has seen breakthrough products in the market and the LED PCBs is one of them. Nowadays, LED printed circuit boards enable manufacturers to develop and design an array of products that even a decade ago were not in existence. And it has seen massive demand for LED PCBs.

Following the trend, different LED PCB manufacturer has tried their luck in the market. But not all of these LED printed circuit board manufacturers are reliable and may offer you versatile PCBs for LED. So, to make your decision easier we dedicated this write-up to the development, uses, and ways to find the right manufacturer for LED PCBs.

If you need bulk or a few pieces of LED PCBs, but don’t know where to dig in, this article will be the goldmine for you. So, let’s get to it.

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What Is LED PCB?

LED PCB is one of the breakthroughs and latest technologies in the printed circuit board industry. Hence, we must understand the actual meaning of the LED PCB. It will help you know how the LED board works in its real-life application.

So, start with LED that means Light Emitting Diodes. It has semiconductor diodes. When you solder these LEDs on using soldering materials on the printed circuit board, the board will illuminate with the added light.  Thus, the LED PCB refers to a printed circuit board with LEDs soldered into it.

But soldering the LED on the PCB isn’t the only importance of this high-tech product. There’re important properties of the board too. Manufacturers usually use a thermal heat sink along with the ceramic base for these circuit board production.

The thermal heat sink works with the ceramic base to reduce the temperature and propels the electric signals to intensify the circuit board efficiency. The heat sink and the ceramic base are attached much like a chip and soldered into the printed circuit board. It connects electrically with the board and passes the light.

The temperature control of the LED PCB is extremely crucial since these boards tend to get overheated in quick time. Thus, manufacturing the LED PCB needs special technology to control the cooling heat capacity and not all manufacturers can handle it. Only a handful of PCB manufacturers such as FX PCB have the right technology to tackle the cooling heat impact of this high-end circuit board.

FX PCB uses metal-core circuit boards to produce the LED PCB for its heat conductivity. Also, we will use Aluminum PCB mostly because aluminum has high thermal conductivity. Thus, the dielectric metal easily and comfortably dissipates the extreme heat to keep the LED board cool and efficient.

LED PCB Manufacturing Steps and Process:

When you want to get the best LED PCB manufacturer, you need to dive into the manufacturing process and understand it properly. Otherwise, you will not find the manufacturer properly.

  1. Firstly, the properties and materials need to be assembled properly for the PCB only. If you are unsure about which materials to source and from where FX PCB is always ready to offer you the best ones for the LED PCB. Once the manufacturer has all the components ready, they will assemble them using the conventional assembling process.
  2. PCB manufacturers might provide you with a prototype of the circuit board and ask whether or not it will work for your requirements. When you approve the prototype, the manufacturer will begin the massive production.

However, you need to look at a few points for the manufacturer of the LED PCB-

  • Decide the number of layers you will need for the LED PCB. These are available mostly in one-layer, two-layer, and four-layer designs. The four-layer PCB LED is applied mostly to create the outdoor screens.
  • The importance of lumen in the LED PCB is highly important since the main duty of these boards is to create lighting. Manufacturers usually apply ‘super white solder mask’ technology to achieve the added lumen.
  • You must also ask the manufacturer to add more lights to the circuit board. It will depend on the size of the board mostly.

Also, you can get hybrid LED PCBs if you need them. You need to clarify the manufacturer to get the hybrid ones in proper conditions. A hybrid LED circuit board has one side made of a standard metal (aluminum) base and the other side has a non-thermal material.

Advantages of LED PCBs:

Different types of LED printed circuit boards bring different benefits for the users. The most common advantages may include-

  1. Hybrid LED PCBs with their double siding is one of the most rigid circuit boards. Hence, these are more durable than most other circuit boards.
  2. PCB with LED will offer you, the manufacturer,different lighting equipment. You will find their uses in medical, lighting, and even in military sectors.
  3. Flexible LED PCBs offer supreme flexibility and also saves money and space with their advanced properties.

Applications of LED PCBs:

The possible applications of the LED soldered PCBs are overwhelming. It includes-

  • The medical sector has several applications of the LED PCB. The lighting in the surgery room is more of LED PCB for its efficiency and bright lighting. Also, different medical equipment uses these boards too.
  • Telecommunications sectors also use LED PCB mainly for its high heat-dissipating ability and efficiency. Also, telecommunication devices use these boards in the screen and display for space-saving and durable applications.
  • The automotive industry has integrated LED PCBs as their inseparable part. You will see these boards in the indicator and brake lights of most automobiles.
  • ICT and tech industries also have massive applications of the LED PCB. Modern-day PCs and laptops use these boards to minimize the heat and enhanced the device lifespan.
  • The aviation industry has a great application of Led printed circuit boards. The lights, indicators, and interior décor depend heavily on the LED boards.

Tips on Choosing the Right LED PCB Manufacturer

  • The PCB manufacturer must meet your requirements for the LED PCB correctly. It includes the color-coding, power rating, and appropriate dimensions of the holes.
  • You must be assured that the manufacturer will design, develop and deliver the circuit boards in the shortest possible time. In such cases, FX PCB is reliable with its fastest delivery rate.
  • LED PCBs are not so cheap. Hence, you need to get a manufacturer who will at least keep the costing reasonable. Also, the manufacturer must have the flexibility to supply bulk or customized orders on time.

Final Words

LED PCB is the latest breakthrough in the circuit board industry. When you get the best LED PCB manufacturer such as FC PCB, your device making will become easier and comfy. Also, our LED PCBs are made using high-end soldering technology to reduce the heat impact. Thus, the LED circuit boards offer durability and lasting performance too. Also, with these versatile applications, these printed circuit boards are the future of the PCB industry.

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