Black Fr4 PCB Supplier

Black Fr4 PCB is also called black core printed circuit board, and it is made of an advanced type of Fr4 Material with the substrate core in black.

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Black Fr4 PCB Supplier 

It is not normal for the PCB suppliers to use the black core Fr4 as the material, as it is only used in some specific designs. The price is also more expensive than the normal white or yellow Fr4 material.

FX PCB has some black Fr4 material in stock, which was used by our customers before.

What is Black Fr4 PCB

Black Fr4 PCB can also be called black core printed circuit board, and It is an advanced type of PCB that is made of Fr4 Material with the substrate core in black.

The Black Fr4 PCB is used to provide stability and durability for electronic systems, ensuring that they can function optimally over a long period.

Fr4 Means “Flame Resistant 4”, (the material’s ability to withstand high heat, flames, and temperatures without degradation and deformation. As the electronic components need to generate high temperatures, and they need to be protected from overheating. This makes it an ideal material for the printed circuit boards.

Where the Black Fr4 PCB can be used?

Black Fr4 PCB can be used for smartphones, Lighting, computers, and other communication devices

What is the advantage of using the Black Fr4 PCB?

As a black Fr4 PCB supplier, FX PCB listed the below advantage of using the black Fr4 PCB:


1, The thermal conductivity is high

The black Fr4 PCB has very good thermal conductivity, and it ensures that the components on the PCB can remain cool and function well.  This is a very important requirement for the Printed circuit board.

2. Durability is strong

The electronic devices that customers use the printed circuit boards with black Fr4 material can withstand harsh environments, vibration, and shocks, as the black Fr4 PCB has a high resistance to ensure long-term reliability and stability.

3. High-performance

Customers who need to find the perfect material for their high-frequency applications and black Fr4 PCB can offer low dielectric loss, high insulation resistance, and good frequency performance

Black Fr4 PCBs are playing an increasingly important role in high-performance products, and their unique features(stability, robustness and reliability) make the electronic devices work over a long time

Why FX PCB has this Black Fr4 PCB material in Stock?

As our current customers have a demand for the black core Fr4 Printed circuit board, FX PCB aims to meet our customer’s requirements。 So we purchased the black Fr4 material in our stock to produce the PCB for them in time.

If you have any need for the black Fr4 PCB, please contact us with FX PCB as your supplier