Copper Coin PCB

Copper Coin PCB



Copper Coin PCBs are used for various products, such as in: planar transformers, planar transformers, power convertors, and so on.

  • High Power Distribution
  • Planar Transformers
  • Heat Dissipation
  • Power Converters
  • Amplification Systems
  • Solar Panel Manufactures
  • Power Controllers
  • Welding Equipment

RO4350B+Fr4, board thickness 0.032″, ENIG

  • High-speed connectivity between multiple circuits.
  • Its high thermal conductivity means it can transport heat better and evenly.
  • The copper coin for PCB also ensures high heat dissipation with better control and even distribution.



Depending on the copper coin PCB process, there are two types of PCBs you will find. These are:

  • Embedded Copper Coin PCB: It has a copper coin inserted in the PCB slot. The insertion happens after routing, and metallization is done with the PCB press. The copper coin connects with the PCB, thanks to the embedded quality. That’s why the name is as such.
  • Buried Copper Coin PCB: Builders hide the copper coin in the pre-milling groove. They do so at the time of pressing. A laminated prepreg is used to connect the PCB and copper coin.