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Selective soldering technology – selectively soldered components are soldered at local points on the board, which in turn makes it possible to use mixed mounting technology that provides for work with both surface-mounted SMD components and output TNT components.

Thanks to automation and high-quality soldering of various printed circuit boards (multilayer, high thermal capacity, dense double-sided mounting), as well as good repeatability and process stability, selective soldering systems achieve reliable solder connections of pin components.


Wave soldering technology is a highly efficient method of mounting electronic components placed on one side of a printed circuit board. The leads of the connected elements and the lower plane of the board are immersed in molten solder for a short period of time, which gave the name of the wave soldering process.

When wetting the pads with molten solder, it penetrates through the holes of the surface to be machined. At the same time, a reliable soldered connection of the printed circuit board with the terminals of the electronic components is formed. Solder wave soldering machines are used both for group soldering of TNT components mounted in holes, and for mixed mounting of SMD components.

Wave soldering technology is a continuous process that achieves high productivity. The need to use wave soldering machines for soldering boards containing surface-mounted components has led to a significant development of this technology.


Automated assembly and installation of THT-components perform all installation operations independently, in accordance with the work program for the installation of components.

Installers of THT components are characterized by a large number of parameters, the main ones being: performance, accuracy, repeatability, number of positions for feeders, range of installed components, maximum and minimum overall dimensions of the printed circuit board. To control the quality of the assembly, an automatic optical inspection of the TNT assembly is used.