Printed Circuit Board Assembly & Manufacturing China by FXPCB




PCB mounting

Automatic SMT Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards
We offer services for the assembly of printed circuit boards of any complexity and in any volume: assembly of piece prototypes, assembly of small and installation series, large-scale assembly. At all stages, only the most modern equipment from leading world manufacturers is used, multi-stage control of each operation guarantees the high quality of the finished product.

Manual SMT Assembly of Printed Circuit Boards
When assembling single products, small and pilot batches, the use of a full automatic cycle for soldering SMD components is technically and economically inexpedient. In this case, we offer manual assembly of small batches of such products using specialized equipment and proven technologies that allow us to achieve the required quality of the process in compliance with all the necessary technological parameters. Also on this equipment, piece-by-piece mounting of microcircuits in BGA, CSP, QFN, LGA cases, as well as their dismantling and repair is carried out.

Mounting in Holes
Today, even the most technologically advanced product rarely does without the use of classical soldering of components through holes. To implement this technology, we use modern digital soldering stations of various capacities with precise maintenance of the operating temperature and protection against static electricity. Forming of terminals of electronic components is carried out on molding machines, as well as with the help of special equipment.

 In addition, depending on the volume of the order, we can offer the installation of DIP components using a wave of solder. We carry out output mounting of printed circuit boards in any quantities – from a prototype to mass production with high quality and in the shortest possible time.