Printed Circuit Boards Assembly (FXPCB) Process 2022




Whatever your production is – experimental, small-scale or mass, no matter how non-standard or large-scale your tasks are, we are ready to take on their solution. We are distinguished by a deep industry expertise, as well as a colossal experience in implementing integrated innovative solutions and digital technologies for printed circuit board assembly in China 2022.

Digital production is a concept of building and operating an assembly production, which allows to achieve maximum efficiency of the enterprise thanks to digital technologies. The complete solution also takes into account new technological requirements and trends in the design of advanced technology.


Manageability and control

based on intelligent automation

Production traceability

and digital passport of the product

Single information circuit

ERP/MES, equipment, personnel

Quality control

and minimization of the human factor

Reduction of production risks

and optimization of losses and downtime

Competitive cost

manufactured products


The concept of  PCB assembly production developed by FXPCB team makes it possible to produce equipment that meets the most modern requirements for quality and manufacturability with high production efficiency. To make the construction of a digital assembly and assembly production possible, we offer our customers a full range of solutions and services to ensure the achievement of planned goals.