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FXPCB has expertise in assembling electronic boards of any type of component with negotiation flexibility and technical quality to meet your needs.

We work with Turn Key contract models, where we are responsible for all stages of the electronic board assembly production process: from the purchase of components and supplies, through the assembly of parts of the final product, through the integration with the product and the entire final testing phase.

The customer just sends his bill of materials and manufacturing files and we deliver the complete electronic product, offering great expertise in final delivery, time optimization and cost reduction. Our manufacturing processes provide full traceability and complete record of the history of each unit produced.

In this business model, we also work in the development of suppliers and inventory management of electronic components and tools for assembly, in addition to the assembly of electronic boards, functional tests, engraving, mechanical assembly and final product tests.

FXPCB assembles all the components on the PCBs, but we do not manufacture the printed circuit boards in-house. In addition to assembling the electronic board, FXPCB assembles mechanical parts, cables, and other items that are necessary for the complete assembly of the product. We also carry out the purchase and supply of these parts.


We are an electronic board assembler with manufacturing and technological capacity installed to serve companies of all sizes. However, considering our willingness to constantly innovate, we also meet demands for products not yet launched.

The assembly of prototypes is a strategy that aims to ensure the proper functioning of electronic products. It is through it that the development team identifies the practical functioning of something that was idealized and manages to correct errors.

Through the assembly of prototypes, companies are able to understand the impact of that product on the market and eliminate possible risks. At FXPCB we understand the need for companies to test these new products. Therefore, we produce boards for prototypes, which normally do not go into the field, and for pilot batches, these are tested with customers. We also participated in the ideation and contributed to the creation of the product throughout the project.