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Outsourcing PCB assembly has brought numerous advantages to the industry. It has long been discovered that the phrase “if you want something done right, do it yourself” does not apply to all situations. The ability to delegate tasks and realize that it is not possible to have all qualities is valid for both people and companies. Electronics outsourcing is one of the practical examples of this, since it is quite visible that there is a gain in quality and agility in the processes, benefiting everyone.

In case you are still not convinced about these advantages in PCB assembly , we will talk a little below about how the process works and also about each of the steps that lead to the excellence of the result. We believe that the earlier in the project the partnership takes place, the more chances that the final result will be a board of absolute quality and fair price. Understand:


Assembling a PCB for an electronics product involves several steps and processes. The montage partner usually comes into play in the step we describe below as “assembly itself”. However, we believe that, if the partnership is signed much earlier, the chances of no mistakes and no changes in plans become even greater. Understand how this partnership can be even more advantageous by looking at the details of each step:

Board Layout

We have already talked here on the blog about the peculiarities in the layout of boards and about how certain choices can affect the proper functioning of the product. And if the layout is so important, the ideal is to think about it in partnership with the company chosen to assemble the PCB .

 This is because some solutions may work better than others when running the assembly. Another detail that concerns the design of the board itself is the margin that is left in the layout. Most companies do not carry out the planning of this edge and it makes assembly difficult. When the partnership is evaluated at the beginning, the engineers responsible for the assembly alert the professionals of the partner company and this does not happen.

Purchase of components

Most companies choose to buy all the components before budgeting with the company to outsource the assembly of electronic boards. This is not the best option. When outsourcing is complete , that is, when the company that assembles also buys the components for the electronic board, aspects such as: better adaptation to industry equipment, lead time , obsolescence , among others, are taken into account.