PCBA China 2022: PCB Assembly Process





The automatic line for selective wave soldering of printed circuit board elements meets the necessary requirements for the production of electronic products. At the same time, the accuracy of the installation of components is + -25 microns, and the maximum print size of the board is up to 510×460 mm.

Productivity increase

We offer the industry’s broadest software suite with fully integrated applications spanning the entire SMT PCB assembly chain. Our software tools are specifically designed for multi-product production. The result is improved equipment utilization, efficiency, customer service and overall productivity. Regardless of the user’s role in the production process, our software package provides complete control over the processing of enterprise data.

Complexity management

For engineers, operators or managers, our software package provides a clear and easy-to-use control tool. Why? Because it is designed for the most demanding production environments. Every day, our customers solve problems arising from the introduction of a significant number of new products, a large number of product versions, a large range of boards and urgent changes to the production schedule.

The Key Connectivity Factor

Data processing is the new bottleneck in today’s SMD PCB assembly plant. Therefore, it is important that the data obtained at one stage of the technological process is immediately available for all other production operations. The integrated planning, picking, production and storage system ensures not only cost-effective production, but also cost-effective data processing.

Reliable and proven solution

FX PCB  has earned an excellent reputation for unsurpassed reliability, data integrity and ease of use. Our system is designed to support integration, multiple users and parallel processes using open interfaces and advanced software technologies.