Heavy Copper PCB

Heavy copper PCB helps in the dispersion of the heat and lowering its core temperature.It can transfer the heat of the component at a faster rate. FX PCB can make the copper thickness up to 20oz, please see our capability in details for the heavy copper PCB



Feature: 2Layer, 15/15oz copper,3.2mm board thickness, 150x120mm

The Thick Copper of Processing Capability:

Item Capability Classification Mass Production Sample Capacity
Structure Grading Goldfinger M
Gold finger length M
Steps gold finger
Accuracy of critical dimension Goldfinger zone thickness tolerance +/-10% +/-8%
Chamfer +/-5mil +/-4mil
Accuracy to shape +/-3mil
Accuracy to pattern +/-1mil +/-0.8mil
Mixed compression Type 16 28
Accuracy of graph Line precision +/-1mil +/-0.8mil
Accuracy Of Buried Resistor Buried resistance precision +/- 10%
Counterpoint Graph ≤1.2mil ≤1mil
Interlamination +/-7mil +/-6mil
Line width /spacing 3oz 6/8 6/6
4oz 8/8 7/6
5oz 8/10 8/8
6oz 12/12 10/10
7oz 12/14 12/12
8oz 12/16 12/16
10oz 12/18 12/18
12oz 12/20 12/20
Solder Mask 4mil 3.5mil
3-5oz Min Ring Width For Inner Layer Aperture 1.0~1.5 12mil
Aperture 1.5~3.0 20mil
Aperture 3.0~4.0 24mil
Aperture >4.0 30mil
Layer Count 3oz 20 layers 24 layers
4oz 20 layers 24 layers
5oz 16 layers 20 layers
6oz 16 layers 20 layers
7~12oz 10 layers 12 layers