Rigid PCB

FX PCB Rigid PCB advantage is that we can supply all your rigid PCB in a short time with lower costs. There are different materials for your choice to meet specific design requirements, and our team will give you suggestions if your design has any potential faults or risks. Meanwhile, we can suggest improvements on the usage ratio to lower costs. Please send us your inquiry, and we will reply to you soon.

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It consists of an FR4 stiffener which may be very beneficial for the delivered quantity of stiffness and pressure. I’ll attempt to cover the whole lot associated with rigid PCB so that you can get a few precious facts and evaluate it with different PCBs to be had inside the market.




What is a Rigid PCB?

Rigid PCB is a solid, rigid printed circuit board. We all understand that a PCB may be Single Sided PCB, Double Sided PCB, or Multilayer PCB. It is a Board that we can’t bend or pressure out of form.

Moreover, once a Rigid Circuit Board is synthetic it can’t be changed or folded into any other form. It is fabricated from strong substrate fabric, which could efficiently save you the distortion of the circuit board. They may be something from easy one-layer PCBs to 8 or ten-layer multi-layer PCBs.

Materials of Rigid PCB

Rigid PCBs are solid and inflexible printed circuit boards. The materials of Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are usually flat laminated composites.

These are made up of non-conductive substrate materials. The copper layers are buried internally or on external surfaces. It produces circuitry on laminated surfaces. These copper layers will become the cause of conduction on the board.

PCBs materials have many substrates and components. The selection of materials depends upon the task which we want to perform. That task is different in every case.

Types of Rigid PCBs

The rigid PCB cannot be twisted. It is made up of Rigid substrate, which gives the board rigidity and strength. There are three types of Rigid PCB i.e.

  • Single Sided Rigid PCB
  • Double Sided Rigid PCB
  • Multilayer Rigid PCB

Types of Rigid PCBs

The rigid PCB cannot be twisted. It is made up of Rigid substrate, which gives the board rigidity and strength. There are three types of Rigid PCB i.e.

  • Single Sided Rigid PCB
  • Double Sided Rigid PCB
  • Multilayer Rigid PCB

FX PCB Rigid Board Capability

Item Process Capability
Layer Counts
FR-4, Kingboard, Nanya, Shengyi, Rogers, Isola, ITEQ, Ventec, Arlon
Maximum Size
600mm x 1500mm
Board Outline Tolerance
± 0.10mm
Board Thickness
0.2-8mm to 0.1mm-8mm
Thickness Tolerance(t≥0.8mm)
± 8%
Thickness Tolerance(t<0.8mm)
± 10%
Insulation Layer Thickness
Minimum Line
Minimum Space
Out Layer Copper Thickness
Inner Layer Copper Thickness
Drilling Hole(Mechanical)
Finish Hole(Mechanical)
Diameter Tolerance(Mechanical)
Aspect Ratio
16 : 1
Solder Mask Type
SMT Mini. Solder Mask Width
Mini. Solder Mask Clearance

Where are Rigid PCBs Used?

However, as soon as made, rigid PCB can’t be changed or changed. Rigid PCBs have utilization in GPS equipment, pc, laptops, capsules, cell phones, X-rays, coronary heart monitors, CAT scans, MRI systems, temperature sensors, manipulate tower instrumentation, etc.

Key features of single-sided rigid PCB

  • They are easy to design
  • They are the most cost-effective
  • Moreover, they are suitable for low-density designs
  • they are cost-effective
  • similarly, they are suitable for a high volume of orders
  • They are easy to repair if they get damaged or run out.

How is Rigid PCBs Made?

A rigid circuit board consists of a strong substrate with copper tracks and issue layouts. In which active and passive electronic components are soldered both via way of means of computerized Through Hole Soldering Technology like Wave Soldering or Automated Surface Mount Technology.

Rigid Printed Circuit Boards Manufacturers

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Low Cost Rigid Printed Circuit Board

Combining years of revel in with the contemporary in excessive-tech production efficiencies permit our pricing to be the various maximum competitive. Furthermore, our published circuit forums are synthetic primarily based totally on IPC guidelines and follow ISO-9001-2000, UL, and RoHS standards.

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Benefits of Rigid PCB

  • Firstly, these boards are cheaper in comparison to bendy PCB.
  • Secondly, these are more long-lasting than bendy Circuit Boards.
  • Thirdly, they have high quality and high density.
  • Fourthly, these PCBs are widely useful in lots of digital gadgets.
  • Fifthly, they have more demand and supply due to their excessive use.

What Do You Know About the Uses of Rigid PCB?

Rigid Printed Circuit Boards provide elevated circuit density and might reduce the length and typical weight of the board. This is why many digital businesses inside the international use those forums in numerous digital gadgets and gadgets:

  • Computers and Laptops
  • Telecommunications Equipment – Mobile Phone, Tablets and different Hand Help Devices
  • File server and Data storage
  • Signal transmission, cell, smartphone repeaters, GPS
  • Satellite
  • Medical Equipment: Testing, X-Ray, Heart Monitor, CAT Scan
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Atomic and Nuclear Systems
  • Military and Defense Equipment
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace

What is the Composition of Rigid PCB?

Rigid PCB has various layers which join collectively by the use of adhesive and warmness, offering a strong form to board fabric. Here are the layers to make this type of PCB.

Substrate Layer

The substrate layer, additionally referred base fabric, is fabricated from fiberglass. The FR4, in general, is fruitful as a substrate fabric which is a maximum not unusual place fiberglass that offers pressure and stiffness to the board. Moreover, they are not much expensive.

Moreover, phenolic is useful as a base material for them. Due to which decomposition temperature of phenolic is just too low that affects in delamination of the layer if solder is located for a long period of time.

Copper Layer

On the pinnacle of the substrate layer, there is living a copper foil that needs lamination at the board with the assist of delivered quantity warmness and adhesive.

In not unusual place use, each facet of the board has copper lamination; however, a few reasonably-priced electronics include the simplest one layer of copper fabric at the board.

What are the Applications of Rigid PCBs?

A PC motherboard is an excellent instance of rigid PCB that is a Multilayer Rigid PCB. It is used to distribute energy from strength supply and creates undertaking routes among CPU, GPU, and RAM.

We Guarantee Express Delivery of Rigid PCBs

Our company bears full responsibility for the quality of printed circuit boards, manufacturability of installation, and its final result.

We supply all types of printed circuit boards. Simple double-sided fiberglass boards (FR-4, CEM, etc.), HDI multilayer boards made using various materials, Rigid boards, flexible and flexible-rigid printed circuit boards, boards on a metal base (aluminum, copper) with various thicknesses copper tracks and the value of the thermal conductivity of the dielectric under them.

Your boards can have different mask and silkscreen colors; different surface finishes for contact pads (HASL, PbFree HASL, immersion coatings (ImAu, ImAg, ImSn), HardGold, OSP, and others).

Get Bulk Rigid PCB at Best Cost

We work with any volume of orders – we supply prototypes, test batches and large series of printed circuit boards.

At the same time, we always try to follow the norms described in the NPI (New Product Introduction) procedure, which reduces the likelihood of errors and allows you to reduce costs when making the transition from a test product to the launch of its mass production.

Strict Quality Check Points

The boards with which the orders are completed pass the incoming inspection of the Quality Control Department and are stored in the warehouse until they are transferred to the installation.

Thus, customers are relieved of additional logistics, the need to maintain a warehouse of printed circuit boards and keep track of them. At the request of customers, we provide complete information about the state of printed circuit boards, information about which at each stage is recorded in the ERP system.

The main advantages of such cooperation are:

  1. 100% board guarantee
  2. Compliance of their actual characteristics with those stated in the customer’s documentation
  3. Attractive prices, which, as a rule, turn out to be lower than the customer could independently obtain from the manufacturer