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Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are used in the assembly of any electronic devices.  Structurally, PCBs are flat plates with holes that serve as the basis for various electronic components. Thanks to the use of these boards, the maintainability of equipment is significantly increased, and the number of errors is also reduced, compared with the volumetric assembly method.

PCB Manufacturing

For more than 10 years, FX PCB has been manufacturing and supplying high-tech printed circuit boards of any complexity. You can order almost any product from us: from a standard single-sided board to multilayer complex structures. All products are made from high quality innovative materials (fiberglass, getinaks, and anodized aluminum).

In the production process, our specialists use only modern techniques. 

The process itself can be divided into several main stages, at each of which strict multi-level quality control is carried out:

  • Processing of foil material (preparation of blanks);
  • post-processing (drilling holes, forming a pattern of electrical conductors, plating holes, tinning, protective treatment, marking);
  • Installation of all necessary components. Soldering is used as the main method, we also use those types of printed circuit board assembly, thanks to which the finished product fully complies with the specified technical parameters and quality standards;
  • Testing and final multi-level control. At this stage, we apply an automated comprehensive quality check, perform integrity testing of conductors, and carry out optical inspection.

Each main stage includes a lot of intermediate steps. As a result, you get products that fully meet the stated requirements and technical parameters.

4 Types of Printed Circuit Boards

The boards that you can buy from FX PCB meet the optimal ratio of high quality / affordable price. We offer the following types of printed circuit boards:

  • One- sided – inexpensive, durable and reliable dielectric plates with one electrically conductive layer;
  • Double layer – plates made of dielectric, on which a conductive pattern is placed on both sides. They are produced with plated and non-plated holes. The first type is used for amateur assembly of electrical appliances or models, and the second for mass production of various equipment;
  • Multilayer – plates consisting of several (from 4 to 32) layers of foil material and a dielectric. MPP are widely used in the production of industrial and military equipment, automated control systems, multimedia equipment;
  • Flexible and flexible-rigid are complex structural products that are often used as a flexible electrical component that connects various devices and equipment. GPP is used in the automotive industry, household and medical equipment, equipment for the space and military industries;

You can also buy printed circuit boards made on a ceramic base (UHF and HF) from us, the technical characteristics of which remain stable even with sharp temperature fluctuations.

Where to buy special PCB board in China?

In order to order a cost estimate for the products you need, you can use a special table yourself or simply leave a request on our website. Do you have any questions? Contact us in any way convenient for you.