Transparent Glass PCB


Transparent glass PCB, it used in the LED, 5G, LCD and etc with 360 degree light-emitting package and transparent glass invisible wire decoration.With the revolution in the LED industry, the LED material is from the Aluminium , copper base, Ceramic PCB to the glass PCB. As the glass PCB can 360 degree luminescence, 80 color rendering index can be 140 lmw or more. It don’t need to add the heat sink, and there is no light attenuation.

Board Thickness(mm)            0.6-3.0mm
Layer Number            1L
Base copper thickness(um) 18/35um
Min Track width/space(mm)            0.2mm
Min hole size 2.0mm
Outline Tolerance(mm) +/-0.15mm
Hole Tolerance           +/-0.1mm
Min space from track to board edge 0.15mm
Surface Treatment OSP, Immersion silver
Tempered low iron glass
Float glass
Sapphire crystal glass
Quartz glass