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Welcome to FX PCB!

FX PCB Co., Ltd is a professional PCB and PCBA Supplier with more than 10 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. We’ve manufactured printed circuit boards almost all over the world, and existing customers are more than 100 Most of them are all long-term cooperation customers. Our customer satisfaction rate is around 99%, and we are very proud of our service, quality, and price.

We can supply you with small, medium to mass production with flexible delivery time in our factory. Besides the normal Fr4 board from 1-30Layers, we also have lots of experience in doing the metal base PCB(Multilayer Alu and copper base PCB), Ceramic and glass PCB.

To shorten the production time and make convenient for the customer, we build our own SMT factory to do the assembly for customer’s PCB, Besides we have our rich experienced teams can do sourcing for the components with our strong network in the electronic market business. Our rigorous quality management does all the incoming inspection and test for every component according to customers Bom.


More Than A Decade in the Field of PCB

Fast Turnarounds

Top-Notch Customer Service


FX is a company dedicated to PCB and PCBA. The company aims fundamentally to provide high-quality PCB and PCBA according to current market prices and customers’ requirements, contributing to their quality of life, adapting the necessary effective solutions of the clients. For this, we consider it important to grow in a structured and systematic way, observing the satisfaction of the needs of our customers, employees, partners, and suppliers. Conquer and retain customers through an exceedance of expectations, offering the products of excellence.

The company aims to achieve, to establish itself as an organization of excellence, generating its knowledge in the PCB and PCBA market, demonstrated through the capacity to respond to the needs and requests of customers in the international market.