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Quartz Glass

Quartz glass is widely used in semiconductor technology, new electric light sources, aerospace technology, far-infrared radiation heating equipment, optical instruments, optical communication, and military products. It has low thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance, strong chemical stability, high UV and infrared transmission, high melting temperature, high viscosity, and difficult molding

Properties of Quartz glass/石英玻璃特性
Chemical Properties
Chemical formula/纯度 99.99% SiO2
Impurity content:(ug/g)
Al 32.0 Li 1.8 Fe 1.2 Ti 1.4 Ca 1.4 Ni 0.04 Mg 0.4 Cu 0.17
K 1.10 B 0.39 Na 3.4 Cr 0.02
Physical Properties
Density/密度 2.203g/cm³
Hardness/莫氏硬度 5.5-6.5
Microhardness/显微硬度 8000-9000
Tensile strength/拉伸强度 50/Mpa
Compressive strength/耐压强度 67/Mpa
Flexural strength/抗弯曲强度 3.98g/cm³
Bulk modulus/弹性模量Mpa 72.5×10³
Rigidity modulus/刚性模量 3.1×10^10Pa(4.5×10^6psi)
Poisson’s ratio/泊松比 0.17
Thermal Properties
Melting point/熔点 1215℃
Application temperature/应用温度 1120℃
Thermal expansion/热膨胀系数 5.5*10^-7cm/cm.℃
Strength/强度 5×10^7V/m
Resistance/电阻 7×10^7ohm cm
Fraction/折射率 1.4585
Reflection loss/反射损失 20%

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a kind of pre-stressed glass that is reprocessed by glass. It has strong strength and tensile strength and is not easy to break. Its compressive strength can reach 125MPa or more, which is 4-5 times larger than ordinary glass. The impact strength is also very high. The 1kg steel ball falls from a height of 1m, and the glass can be kept intact.

Properties of Tempered Glass 钢化玻璃特性
Density/密度 2.47±0.03g/cm³
Young’s modulus/杨氏模量 75.6GPa
Vickers hardness/维氏硬度 700HV
Shear modulus/剪切模量 30.7GPa
Poisson’s ratio/泊松比 0.23
Softening Point/软化点 830±10℃
Annealing point/退火点 606±10℃
strain point/应变点 558±10℃
Thermal expansion/热膨胀系数 98.0±2Í10-7/℃

■ Optical Properties光学性能
· Fraction/折射率 / 1.51
· 光弹性系数photoelastic coefficient nm/cm/MPa 27.2
· 透光率Transmittance(see below picture, sample thickness 0.55mm)

Tempered Glass

■强化性能 strength Performance
※Panda-MN228化学强化效率表Chemical Strengthening Efficiency Table

温度 时间4h5h6h
备注可根据需要选择强化条件。 (以上Na+浓度:1000˜1500PPM)
Thickness CS(MPa) DOL(μm) CT(MPa) 备注
0.40T ≥650 ≥30 ≤95 摄像头盖板建议:CS≥700MPa; DOL:24±5μm
0.50T ≥35 ≤88 2.5D时建议: CS≥700MPa; DOL至少在35μm以上。
0.55T ≥35 ≤82
0.70T ≥35 ≤62
0.80T ≥37 ≤55
0.90T ≥40 ≤50
1.00T ≥40 ≤47
1.30T ≥40 ≤44
1.50T ≥40 ≤40
1.80T ≥40 ≤37
2.00T ≥40 ≤35

※Sample size:145Í73Í0.70mm,The strength performance below:
·四点弯曲 MPa ≥500 (2.5D时建议≥600)
·落球性能 J ≥0.30
·翘曲度 mm ≤0.15

■耐化性能Chemical resistance


Sapphire Glass

Sapphire glass has very good thermal properties, excellent electrical and dielectric properties, and is resistant to chemical corrosion. It has high temperature resistance, good thermal conductivity, high hardness, infrared transmission, and good chemical stability. Therefore, it is often used to replace other optical materials to make optical components, infrared-transmitting optical windows, and is widely used in infrared and far-infrared military equipment, such as: used in night vision infrared and far-infrared sights, night vision cameras and other instruments And satellite and space technology instruments and meters, as well as windows for high-power lasers, various optical prisms, optical windows, UV and IR windows and lenses, observation ports for low-temperature experiments, and high-precision instruments for navigation, aerospace, and aviation. Be fully applied.

Properties of Single Crystal Sapphire/单晶蓝宝石特性
Chemical Properties
Chemical formula/纯度 99.997Al2O3
Physical Properties
Crystal structure/晶胞参数 a=4.785Å, c=12.991Å
Density/密度 3.98g/cm³
Hardness/莫氏硬度 9
Tensile strength/拉伸强度 [email protected]℃, [email protected]
Compressive strength/耐压强度 [email protected]
Flexural strength/抗弯曲强度 [email protected]
Young’s modulus/杨氏模量 [email protected]
Compressive modulus/压缩模量 [email protected]
Flexural modulus/弯曲模量 Flexural modulus/弯曲模量
Rigidity modulus/刚性模量 [email protected]
Bulk modulus/体积弹性模量 [email protected]
Poisson’s ratio/泊松比 0.29
Frictional coefficient/摩擦系数 蓝宝石-钢:0.15, 蓝宝石-蓝宝石:0.1
Thermal Properties
Melting point/熔点 2045℃
Application temperature/应用温度 2000℃
Thermal expansion/热膨胀系数 5.8*10-6/k
Heat capacity/热容量 18.6cal(Mol•℃), (25℃), 30cal (Mol•℃), (1000℃)
Thermal conductivity/热导率 25.12W/m/k (@100℃)
Specific heat/比热 0.418W.s/g/k
Optical Properties
Fraction/折射率 no=1.768 ne=1.760
Optical transmission/波段 0.3~5μm
Reflection loss/反射损失 20%
Electrical Properties
Electrical resistivity/电阻率 绝缘
Dielectric constant/介电常数 11.5(11.5//c),9.3(⊥c)
Dielectric strength/电介质强度 480kVcm-1 (60Hz
Dielectric dissipation/电介质消耗 0.00006//与C轴, 0.00003⊥与C轴(10GHz)
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