How To Open Gerber Files

When you work with the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, you may want to visualize the result of your hard work. Also, the visualization helps you identify the right layers of the PCB and fine-tune them with proper connections.

And to do all these, you will require a Gerber (.GBR) file extension to store the design of the circuit board. Also, you will need a proper Gerber file viewer to import the file and open it for appropriate and adequate visualization.

Hence, we will discuss how to open Gerber files with the proper Gerber file viewer. Also, we promise you that the work isn’t as challenging as you might think initially.

So, keep calm and enjoy the write-up.

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What Is A Gerber File?

A Gerber file is built to store the designs of the printed circuit board. The file is often represented by the.GBR extension. A professional circuit board designer will export data from the Gerber file to the PCB designed program.

The file holds images of the standard PCB for comparison and builds an ideal circuit board. Also, you will see the use of Gerber file in the Game Boy Tileset. There the file incorporates with the Game Boy Color, Super Game Boy and also, the standard Game Boy.

Gerber files are encrypted with the image of printed circuit board design. After opening them in the right format using the right tool, you can enlarge the image to see the multiple layers and also work on them before printing and work on them later.

The Best Gerber Viewer to Open the File

When it comes to opening the Gerber file or, GBR file extension, you will first need the file viewer tool for it. Luckily, you will see various Gerber file viewer out on the internet, and most of them are free too for usage.

These software supports viewing of the measurement of the Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and also supports printing of the board from the tool.

While some tools support only the viewing of the circuit board design, some come with extensive applications.  However, some these are Gerber file editor. So, you can use them to view the structure and change the PCB design too.

Some of the most reliable Gerber viewer tools are listed below:

  • ViewMate
  • GerbMagic
  • GerberLogix
  • CAMtastic Gerber Viewer
  • ZofzPCB

Also, there are multiple options for Gerber viewer software that you may choose according to your preference.

How to Open Gerber Files

Actually opening the Gerber file is pretty straightforward. So, you won’t have to know rocket science to open and view the printed circuit board design. All you ardently need to do is to get the right Gerber viewer for the purpose.

If you are going to use the GBR.file extension for occasional purpose, you may want to use a Gerber editor open-source and free PCB viewer. We recommend you to use the CAMtastic Gerber viewer to visualize the PCB design.

It is a tool engineered for viewing and editing CAM data. For those who don’t know what is CAM, here’s a little suggestion for them.

CAM date broadly refers to the Computer-Aided Manufacturing, which helps the user to visualize the design and edit accordingly. Once you download the CAMtastic Gerber viewer, you can proceed to the next steps of opening and visualizing the file.

You can install the software and then, upload the Gerber file in it for visualization. However, the file viewer works a bit strangely, which may seem outdated for modern-day users. Firstly, you need to select the action you want to do with the file.

Once you have selected the command, import the Gerber file from the desktop location in the viewer. Once imported successfully, it should visualize each Printed Circuit Board layer for further action. You can check for any imperfections and remodel it to correct the error.

You can execute the command action with the ‘Right Click’ functionality.

There is another way to open the Gerber file for viewing. Yes, you can view them online without the hassle of downloading and installing a freeware for the purpose. Reference Gerber Viewer is an online-based platform.

Once you have uploaded the file successfully, you can easily see it on the browser of your PC or laptop. Also, the GIMP Brush files are operated with Linux, macOS and importantly, Windows for users convenience.

Converting the GBR File

A Printed Circuit Board design has three various file formats. Sadly, one file format doesn’t work with the other, and the conversion works differently, too. We have mentioned earlier some Gerber file viewer that not only opens the file but lets you edit them again.

Once you have found the right file viewer, you can convert the GBR>file extension into the following file formats-

  • DXF
  • PDF
  • DWG
  • TIFF
  • SVG

Also, some online file viewer allows you to convert and save files in the PNG format. Also, if you want to use the file in Adobe Photoshop, you have to convert the file into PNG format first. Once you have converted the file into PNG format, you can import in Adobe Photoshop and work further on it to make any possible corrections.

What Happens When You Can’t Open the File?

Sometimes, even after your extensive use of all the methods and formats mentioned above, you may fail to open the file. If it happens, the main reason may be the misreading of the file format. Also, GBR.extension is widely used in meteorological data collection.

So, reread the file format, and you may opt for the other software application too. So, be aware of the misleading file format before working with it.


Printed Circuit Board designers often have to visualize the circuit boards to identify any possible errors and correct them. Hence, knowing how to open Gerber Files will help them unlock the file format in the correct method and check for the correctness.

Once you follow the instructions mentioned above correctly, you will quickly open the file for necessary actions.

Peter Gong
Peter Gong