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Simple Steps to Make PCB Board

To make high quality products, it is essential to carry out each phase of the project with the utmost care.

 Creating a pcb board requires several steps. First of all, we proceed with the design of the product. The design must be precise and detailed, complete with all the elements that will be placed on the pcb board during the assembly phase. Subsequently, the components are assembled manually or by means of automatic machines.

Subsequently, we proceed with the: this process is very delicate and, if not carried out with due attention, will create defective products. The use of a thermal profiler allows monitoring the temperatures present inside the furnace, thus obtaining an error-free soldering.

In this article, FX PCB explains in detail how the thermal profiler for pcb boards works.

What is the thermal profiler?

A thermal profiler is used to monitor the temperature trend inside the soldering ovens. This object can already be inside the oven, as happens in the most recent models, or it can be purchased as an external accessory from various suppliers.

The profiler is composed of some probes that are placed inside the oven on a sample printed circuit, which is a circuit to be scrapped used as a tester. Carrying out tests on concrete objects allows you to verify the effectiveness of the soldering process.

In FX PCB, the soldering takes place by means of vapor-phase ovens, that is ovens that work by means of a liquid which, turning into a vapor, solders the elements on the circuit: the pcb board with the components resting on them is inserted inside them, the oven is closed and the soldering phase proceeds. This operation takes about 6/7 minutes on average, at the end of which a carefully soldered product is obtained.

How does thermal profiler work?

Inside each pcb board there are various elements that require a specific soldering process: all the specifications are indicated on the datasheet, that is the documentation that summarizes the characteristics of each component.

First of all, it is essential to verify that the oven used can effectively monitor the expected phase. Then, we proceed with the soldering on a sample pcb board. At the end, it is important to carefully check the PDF file produced by the profiler: inside there is a graph with a curve, which shows all the information regarding the temperature variations of the oven and the relative times.

Compared to a reflow oven, making profiling using a vapor-phase oven is much simpler

The technology of which it is composed is very homogeneous and is able to effectively solder different types of components. Be it small components, large components or elements with very different sensitivities, the compact dimensions of the vapor-phase oven allow a much more detailed control of the temperature variations inside it.

 Thanks to this feature, it is not necessary to create a profile for each pcb board: you can create a standard profile and use it for different products.

Why is it important to perform a precise solder?

Regardless of the success or failure of the soldering process, the components appear to be firmly fixed on the printed circuit board. During the sampling phase, however, defects caused by an ineffective soldering phase appear: in this case, the pcb board will not work and must be scrapped.

The AOI automatic optical inspection allows you to check the correct assembly of the components, consequently intercepting the presence of excess tin. Thanks to this, it is possible to correct any imperfections or scrap the cards that have defects. Delivering to the customer a board that has not been soldered correctly would mean supplying a product that, in all probability, would stop working after a short time.

In conclusion

The soldering process of the pcb boards is relatively short but very delicate. For this reason, monitoring this phase by means of a thermal profiler is essential: it allows you to check in detail the temperature variations inside the oven, revealing the effectiveness of the soldering.

Are you looking for a reliable partner to entrust with the production of your new pcb boards? Contact us: the FX PCB team will create for you a product that meets your wishes