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SFX boasts of being a leading PCB manufacturer in China with tons of options including regular PCB, copper-base PCB, rigid-flex PCB, special PCB, etc. SFX PCB tailors their printed circuit board production with customer’s requirements that fit their necessity with perfection.

You will get customized offers, quickest delivery time, quality assurance, and recheck and emergency orders in bulk amount from SFX. Also, SFX’s priority to deliver quality PCBs across China and worldwide helps SFX to stay ahead of others.

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PCB Manufacturer in China: What To Look For

It is estimated that the global market for PCBs will grow up to $76 billion by 2027. And it is also presumed that China will be the biggest producer and consumer of these printed circuit boards. SFX as the largest PCB manufacturer wants to lead this booming market with quality, service, and consumer satisfaction worldwide.

We acknowledge that there are hundreds of printed circuit board manufacturers in China and other locations as well. However, we also have to admit that not all of these PCB producers will be able to meet your extreme requirements.

They may not able to meet your bulk orders and also, lack versatility. So, when you select a PCB manufacturer, you must consider a few things. These factors include-

  • A top-class PCB manufacturer should be confident of delivering bulk orders always on time. Also, the company must have the capacity to manufacture huge orders. Thus, you may ask the company to inform you about their capacity.
  • There’re huge variations in printed circuit board types. You can get metal-base PCB, ceramic PCB, standard PCB, single or dual-layer PCB, etc. A good-quality PCB producer should have the facility to produce most of these PCB variations, if not all.
  • Also, a reliable manufacturer should always meet the delivery time. While delivering the ordered numbers of PCBs on time is essential, they should also ensure quality with every circuit board.
  • You must lookout for a producer who can successfully handle mass, medium, and small orders without confusion. It is crucial because at times you may need a few hundred pieces of circuit boards and at times, you may want thousands or more circuit boards on short notice.
  • Printed circuit boards are delicate equipment. Thus, you should ask the company to inform you about their work process while they generate the circuit boards. They must follow the well-established and followed methods to produce these boards.

While meeting these requirements isn’t so easy, SFX PCB always tries to step up its quality, service, and technologies. Thus, it boasts of manufacturing the most dependable and durable circuit boards in China.

SFX PCB Benefits and Offers:

We offer both PCB and PCBA production directly from China across the world. We have been in the printed circuit board industry for a little over 10 years now. From manufacturing the standard Fr4 PCBs to producing heavy-duty copper 12oz, we excel in all types of printed circuit board production.

10+ Years of Experience:

You can’t buy an experience in the market. This age0old saying is even truer for the PCB industry. A company with several years of experience in printed circuit board production knows the ins and outs of all accuracy and faults of the boards.

We boastfully announce that we have been in the PCB market for 10+ years now. We have seen different problems that may occur during the production. Thus, we have already fixed these problems to offer our clients satisfactory delivery as the leading PCB manufacturer in China.

Also, our experienced engineers and workers know how to build high-quality circuit boards without the least faults.

Served Over 6000 Customers:

Over our 10 years of presence in the PCB manufacturing industry, we have worked with over 6000 individual clients and companies on good terms. We have over 99% satisfactory compliments from our clients. We take pride in our professional team who engineers the best circuit boards in the market.

Accordingly, our customer care offers you great negotiation for customized orders of different circuit boards.

Wide Range of Circuit Board Manufacturing Capacity:

SFX PCB also takes pride in manufacturing all types of printed circuit boards you may find in the market. Whether you need circuit boards for simple electronics, communication devices, medical equipment, or aeronautics and military applications, we can build every PCB variety right now. Our manufacturing range includes-

  • Standard PCB: Our standard manufacturing offers you Fr4, single or dual-layer, rigid, flexible, etc. printed board delivery.
  • Rigid-flex and FPC Boards: You can quickly get your required rigid-flex PCB, Flex 4-layer PCB, and rigid PCB from us.
  • Special PCB: Whether you want ceramic PCB or thick copper PCB, we manufacturer them all. You will also get transparent display boards and BT PCB from us.
  • Metal PCB: We produce all types of metal-based PCBs. The list includes copper, aluminum, 3D printer PCB, 100W PCB, and more.

You can quickly browse our PCB product list here.

Own SMT Factory:

We have built an SMT factory to offer the highest quality circuit boards in the shortest possible time to our valued customers. Thus, we have automated manufacturing complemented perfectly with our experienced and dependable engineers and workers.

Unmatched Service:

Our excellent knowledge of PCB and experienced workmanship help us to provide the customers’ fast service with quality assurance. You have the luxury to choose from our multiple delivery plans or you can even customize orders to fit your necessity. We guarantee quality service and the fastest delivery in every situation.

Highest Standards:

Our PCB manufacturing process is crafted by highly-skilled engineers and electronics specialists. Our production steps cater to meet the delivery schedule while rechecking the PCBs for quality assurance.

Experienced and Skilled Manpower:

Our workers are highly skilled in their respective PCB manufacturing industries. Also, our production line ensures that each person has detailed knowledge of the manufacturing steps. We regularly arrange workshops to inform our engineers and workers about the latest updates in PCB technologies.

Therefore, our workers always remain up to date with the happenings in the PCB industry.

On-Time Delivery:

Over the past 10 years, we have earned the faith of the clients through continuous communication and quality service. Also, we schedule our manufacturing steps to meet your delivery deadline. We rest assure you to deliver your orders always on time.

Also, we have offers for emergency delivery. You may contact us and have a meeting for customized orders of different PCBs.


SFX PCB boasts of being one of the leading PCB manufacturers in China. Our automated factories are ready to meet the extreme PCB requirements worldwide with our skilled manpower. We guarantee you the best quality SFX manufacturing directly from China with our SMT factory.

Thus, you will appreciate SFX’s effort to provide you with various printed circuit boards to help you leap into the electronics and communication industry.

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