Rigid Flex PCB

With the development of Flexible PCB (FPC) and rigid PCB, it comes to a new product rigid-flex PCB, which is combined with flex board and Rigid board after the lamination and other technological processes. So it does not only has the characteristics of the flexible circuit boards but also has the characteristics of the rigid circuit boards.


  1. Can be freely bent, folded, and rolled. It can be stretched freely in space.
  2. Good heat dissipation performance and the FPC part can be used to reduce the size
  3. Decrease the weight, miniaturization, and thin to achieve the integration of component device and wire connection.

FX Capability for Rigid-Flex PCB

Items  Mass Production
Total Layers 1~20L
Layers of FPC 12L
PCB Max Thickness 4mm
PCB Max Thickness 0.05mm
Line width/Line Space Inner Layer 1.5mil/1.5mil
Outer layer 2mil/2mil
Hole Ring 4mil
Impedance Control +/-10%
Drilling Machine Drilling 6mil
Laser Drilling 4mil
Aspect Ratio 16:01
Material Shengyi/Dupont/Taiflex/Boyu/Rogers/ITEQ
Max PCB Size 485x1500mm
Surface Coating ENIG, Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, OSP,ENEPIG, soft gold, Gold plating

Areas of use

Rigid-flex PCBs are mainly used to connect different parts of electronic devices. They are used instead of cables and are used as the basis for the manufacture of small electrical devices. Variants of using the GPP:

Sphere Types of Devices
Automotive Transport control systems.
Computer Technologies Video cards.
Disk drives.
Military and Space Industry Radars.
Night vision systems.
Plasma displays.
Telecommunications Smartphones, tablets.
High speed lines.
Base stations.
The Medicine Defibrillators.
Hearing Aids.
Ultrasound devices.
Load testing systems.
Heavy Weaponry Electronic protection.
Observation and guidance systems.
Fire installations.

What advantages do our Rigid-flexible services provide?


We constantly seek to improve our technology to provide you with the best prices, with continuous evolution in quality and agility in production.


We are very concerned with all environmental sustainability guidelines, thus correctly treating all waste and disposal in partnerships with certified companies, moving towards excellence when we talk about environmental management.


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We stand for reliability and the highest quality. In order to be able to guarantee this claim for each of our boards, our products go through a strictly controlled, environmentally conscious quality process.

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Quality assurance – daily quality statistics as the basis for early error detection and preventive process management round off our concept within the framework of ISO 9001/2015 and ISO 14001/2015.

Research & Development

Based on many years of experience and knowledge, we can support you technically with your idea and its implementation as well as with the development of the design.

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