Cheapest PCB Manufacturer in China for 2021

We all love to get restaurant food hotel accommodations at a cheaper price. However, this same can’t be said when it comes to cheap PCB manufacturing despite its expensive price.

First off, the cheapest PCB manufacturer might delay the delivery time and slow down their circuit board manufacturing. Although it is tolerable, you won’t like to see the low-grade materials in your ordered PCBs.

The SFX PCB as the leading PCB manufacturer in China understands these problems and develops a way to minimize the PCB pricing without compromising the material and build quality of these copper, ceramic, aluminum, rigid or flexible printed circuit boards.

We focus on delivering the ordered PCBs on time while ensuring the best qualities in all possible conditions so that you don’t face problems with your production. There are multiple ways that a PCB manufacturer may apply to reduce the PCB costing so you can afford the circuit boards with your required quality.

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The Cheapest PCB Manufacturer: Ways to Minimize the PCB Costing

Although PCBs are, in general, highly expensive, at times you may want a budget PCB manufacturer. It may be due to cost-cutting device production or for some non-technical uses. Whatever may be the case, getting cheaper printed circuit boards aren’t as easy as you might imagine.

First off, lowering your budget means you are compromising with the circuit board qualities and it can be detrimental for smart devices such as smartphones, medical equipment, cameras, military equipment, and so on.

Luckily, there are different ways that a PCB manufacturer applies to reduce the PCB costing without any quality compromise. SFX PCB as the premier circuit board manufacturer has developed these key ideas to provide you the best-quality PCBs within a limited budget.

PCB Size:

The larger the PCB will be, the costlier it will be too. It happens because you have to pay more for the increased circuit board materials and shipping costs. We understand that it might affect your budget. Hence, it is recommended that you get the PCBs at 100mmX100mm size for the best cost-cutting results without lessening the quality.

PCB Shape:

Although many people mistakenly consider that the shape of the PCB affects its costing, it is not true. Whether you want a square-shaped circuit board or a complex shape, the production cost remains the same. Thus, you won’t have to be concerned about the circuit board’s shape, luckily.

Ordered Quantity:

The rule of thumb for printed circuit board costing is linked with its production quantity. If the production quantity is low, the overall cost of the boards will increase. And similarly, manufacturing a huge number of circuit boards will reduce the cost.

It happens because when the production volume increases, it follows the economic scale of lowering the production cost. That’s why ordering a bulk amount of printed circuit boards will actually play in favor of your budget in the long-term.

Even if purchasing a massive number of circuit boards may seem an expensive investment at present, the cost-effectiveness becomes apparent in long-term plans.

Therefore, it is recommended that you always look to order in bulk amount for the different circuit boards. Also, these boards don’t get damaged with time if not use. So, you can securely store them without any headache.

Circuit Board Layers:

The number of layers a printed circuit board has directly affected its costing. Usually, you will see the printed circuit boards in 1-layer or 2-layer versions. These are the most standard circuit board versions for communication and electronic devices.

However, three or four-layered PCBs aren’t uncommon either. The higher the circuit board layer number is the costlier it will be. Thus, you may choose the 2-layer boards and still expect the same performance without paying more for it.

Material and Its Class:

FR4 laminated fiberglass is one of the most common circuit board materials. The other materials include metals such as aluminum, copper and some high-end boards are made of ceramic. The FR4 fiberglass is the least expensive while the ceramic and polyimide-made circuit boards are the most expensive ones. So, it is advised that you stick to the FR4 materials unless you need the ceramic or metal boards for specific device production.

Next, the material class has an impact on its costing. It is linked with temperature resistance and durability. For instance, manufacturers generally use TG 130-140 materials for the temperature resistance of the boards.

If you want enhanced resistance, you have to go for higher TG numbers, and eventually, it would increase the cost.

PCB Thickness:

The thickness of the circuit board and its substrate varies widely and it also affects the costing. The standard PCB thickness is 1.6mm, although the thickness actually varies from 0.4mm to 3.2mm. it depends on the specific needs where the circuit board will be used.

Also, thick PCBs usually accumulate larger shipping space which eventually increases the overall billing. So, be aware of it.

Delivery Time:

The quickest delivery time for the PCBs will actually be the costliest ones too. If you want an express or overnight production and shipment of the ordered circuit boards, be ready to pay a handsome amount for it.

Therefore, if you don’t need emergency circuit boards, you should allow the PCB manufacturer to produce and ship the circuit boards within their regular timeframe. It enables you to get the desired number of circuit boards on a lower budget.

SFX PCB Manufacturer: The Cheaper Alternative

SFX PCB has been in the PCB manufacturing industry for over ten years now. Over the years we have developed a one-stop solution for all your circuit board requirements. Whether you want the standard FR4 fiberglass boards, special ceramic circuit boards, or metal circuit boards with one or multiple layers, we manufacture them all.

But it’s only the tip of the iceberg…..

We also promise to deliver you the cheapest PCB in China and around the world. We guarantee you-

  1. On-time delivery even for the least amount of PCB orders. We ensure that you don’t see any delay in our production and shipments unless any emergencies happen. So, you remain happy and calm to receive the orders timely.
  2. We offer customized orders to meet your PCB requirements. So, you won’t have to pay more without discussing the PCB manufacturing process and its estimated quality.
  3. Our engineers and technicians have streamlined the printed circuit board manufacturing process with their long experience in the sector. It also helps us to avoid unnecessary costs while manufacturing these boards.
  4. We have developed an automated circuit board manufacturing line. It helps us reduce the labor cost which affects the lower price of the boards.
  5. We always look for the cheapest shipping method to deliver you the manufactured circuit boards. It is a great cost-cutting technique. Nonetheless, we make sure you get the delivery on time.


Previously, the PCBs were thought to be a luxurious investment. However, the scenes have changed dramatically. You can quickly get the cheapest PCB manufacturer in the market. But not all of these circuit board manufacturers will meet your quality and delivery schedule.

Hence, getting cheaper PCBs can be a real headache. Nonetheless, SFX PCB comes forward to help you with the cause with its streamlined and automated production line to offer you the highest quality PCBs at the lowest possible price.

Peter Gong
Peter Gong