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LED or Light Emitting Diodes have brought revolutionary changes in the lighting industry with a variety of lights. Also, it has reduced electricity bills quite unthinkably. But have you ever thought about how did LEDs make it possible?

LED uses the most updated circuit board formation that has enabled it to deliver such outstanding performance. However, you will need to find the best LED lighting circuit boards company, if you want the best LED lighting in your devices and other applications.

Various manufacturers develop LED circuit boards to meet the requirements of this ever-growing industry. Hence, selecting the best companies among them may be a tough task for you.

But, don’t worry. Or the article will make it easy for you.

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What Is LED Lighting Circuit Board?

Since you came here we would expect that you understand LED circuit boards manufacturing and its applications. Yet, there’s no harm in describing it shortly to bring back the memories for a deeper understanding.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) refers to a solid-state lighting type. It uses a semiconductor to convert electricity into lighting sources. The LED will reduce the use of electricity by as much as 80% compared to the traditional light bulbs. This way it saves both your money and the environment.

Also, LED lights usually have a 25X longer lifespan than regular light bulbs. It is another extensive benefit of the LED lights.

But how does LED works so efficiently?

Well, printed circuit boards (PCBs) play the most crucial role behind such remarkable performance of the LED lights. The PCBs used in LED is mostly a thin board holding different electrical components and is made of fiberglass, ceramic, metal or other elements. It not only holds the essential electrical components but also uses a substrate to dissipate the heat from the components and offers protection.

The Fundamentals Of LED Lighting Circuit Boards

The circuit board used in LED lighting is available in various formats depending on its different applications. But its basic remains the same both in terms of construction and working criteria. It includes-

The Core:

The LED circuit board may use different elements at its core or substrate depending on its various applications and requirements. The material used to develop the circuit board core will largely attribute and control its characteristics and ability.

The most common materials are-

  • FR4: FR4 is made using epoxy and fiberglass. The element is fire-retardant and is the most common material used to build PCBs’ substrate. Also, it is cheap but lacks efficiency in transferring heat.
  • Metal-core: The metal-core circuit board is the most efficient LED base. It is made using aluminum alloy substrate and usually has laminated copper and other metals too. The metal base provides brilliant electrical insulation and thermal conductivity along with efficient heat transferring ability. Naturally, these circuit boards used in LED lighting are the most expensive ones. But they offer maximum protection and enhance the LED functionality also.
  • Epoxy-core: Epoxy cores sit right between the FR4 and Metal-core made circuit boards. Usually, epoxy cores are less costly than both FR4 and metal core PCBs. However, it lacks the necessary durability for heavy-duty LED lighting applications.

Since metal core PCBs is the most common component of LED circuit boards and it uses mostly aluminum as its base, let’s check out its common features and advantages.

The aluminum-made core used in LED PCB uses aluminum alloy as its base. The alloy base is made using aluminum, silicon, and magnesium. Since it uses three various materials, you will get the advantages of all three elements in one circuit board used for LED lighting.

The aluminum LED circuit board is commonly made using the following layers-

  • First comes the base layer and it is usually made aluminum alloy sheet. The entire PCB design will sit on it. It will dissipate the heat generated during LED applications.
  • Next comes the thermal insulation layer. It usually has a ceramic polymer. Its goal is to safeguard the entire LED board from mechanical and thermal damages to prolong its lifespan. It absorbs and disperses the heat to the aluminum base as electricity passes through the electric components on the LED.
  • Finally, the actual circuit boards will sit upon the thermal insulation layer. It will contain the necessary electronic components as designed by the LED light manufacturer.

The aluminum LED circuit board could be single-layer, double-layer, or multi-layer depending on its application and users’ requirements. The assembly process uses either thru-hole or surface-mounting assembly to manufacture the LED circuit boards.

The Best Led Lighting Circuit Boards Company

LED PCB or circuit board definitely comes with multiple benefits. But you can avail and extract all of these core benefits only when you work with the leading LED lighting circuit board company. It allows you to take full advantage of the LED applications.

Since the lights built with LED technology are temperature and heat-sensitive, it often requires the most complex construction.  Only an experienced and committed manufacturer may offer you such a complex design with minimum flaws. Also, the company must have world-class engineers, workers, and above all, the best equipment and material to manufacture such LED circuit boards of highcomplexity.

FX PCB with its 10+ years of experience in the PCB industry outsources the best PCB materials from the best suppliers. These elements are then tested in our laboratory to ensure maximum quality. Finally, it goes through our extensive and inclusive manufacturing process using the best PCB machinery. And before delivering it to our respected customers, we will check the quality of our produced LED lighting circuit boards in our laboratory again to ensure maximum durability and flawless operations.

FX-PCB is FDA-registered for quality maintenance. Also, you will get both fixed and customizable offers from us. Therefore, you can order either a bulk amount of LED light circuit boards or only a few hundred prototypes just to check our quality.

Why Should You Use LED Light Circuit Boards

  • LED lights use around 75% to 80% less electricity compared to conventional light bulbs. The US. Department of Energy reported that the transformation from conventional incandescent lights to LED lights could reduce electricity consumption by 348 tera-watts worldwide by 2027. It will go a long way to protect our planet earth too.
  • A general LED light enjoys a 20-25 times better lifespan than regular lights. So, it offers durable performance and also, brings down the maintenance cost. It could be a great value for money for large commercial spaces and industrial areas.
  • The regular lights convert 10% of its supplied electricity into light and the rest 90% is converted into heat which is a major loss. LED lights are opposite to it. It generates minimum heat and converts the supplied energy into light more. So, it is more efficient as well.
  • LED fixtures are best known for directing light right where it needs to be. So, even a smaller LED light can brighten up a larger space effectively. Plus, it comes in handy when you need a spotlight facility.
  • LED lights are pretty compact. It saves massive space and offers a greater lighting facility. So, these lights come as an immediate space-saving deal for commercial and industrial spaces where space management plays a key role.

Final Words

LED lights are the new-normal equipment. Hence, LED light producers are on the lookout for the best LED lighting circuit board company for their needs. Unfortunately, they’re only a LED PCB manufacturers who can meet the growing demands of the industry with high-quality, durable, and affordable LED circuit boards.

FX PCB is committed to bringing the best LED light circuit board manufacturing service to meet your needs and applications successfully. Our customizable offers will truly serve your needs and that too within an affordable pricing and flawless quality.

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