FPC Capability:

Items   mass-production low volume
Layer of flex board Single and double panel 8L
PCB Thickness ≤0.3mm /
Line width/Line space inner layer 3mil/3mil (HOz) 2.5mil/2.5mil (HOz)
outer layer 4mil/4mil (1Oz) 3mil/3mil (1Oz)
Annular Ring ≥4mil /
BGA 0.15mm BGA 0.15mm BGA
Tolerance of outline  (board edge to board edge) +/-0.025mm /
Tolerance of outline  (Mark  to board edge) +/-0.05mm +/-0.025mm
Impedance control +/-10% /
Drilling machine drilling ≥8mil 6mil
laser drilling 5mil/6mil 4mil
Surface coating  ENIG, OSP