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How to Choose the Light PCB Assembly or LED Lighting Assembly Manufacture in China?

With the development of the Lighting/LED industry, there are more and more assembly manufacturers for you to choose from。 As a Professional PCB and PCBA Manufacture, FX PCB gives you the suggestions below on finding the proper Light PCB Assembly manufacturer to get the LED PCB assembly cost and good quality.

1, Check the LED PCB Assembly Machine

You need to consider the performance of the PCB assembly equipment, for example, the placement speed and the placement accuracy. As if the speed is not fast enough, it won’t be a problem for you to produce the low volume /Small batch PCB assembly for your LED board, but you will have a problem with the high volume/ mass production light PCB assembly. The accuracy of the placement equipment is the key factor you need to take into consideration, as you don’t want to have the poor position of your LEDs on your board, which will bring you quality problems. So check the PCB Assembly machine of your manufacturer first before placing the order.

PCB Assembly equipment

2, Check the Manufacturers of Your LEDs

Find reliable LEDs manufacturers for your products, there are many brands for you to choose from, for example, Lumiled, Osram, Cree, Samsung, Luxeon, Everlight (Taiwan Brand), and some other China brands. Different products can choose different LEDs, you just need to find the right one based on the function, usage, and requirements.

3, Check the PCB Assembly Process

The light PCB assembly manufacturer should have a detailed assembly process, as it can improve manufacturing efficiency and make the work process more standardized.

As a contract light PCB assembly manufacturer, FX PCB strictly follows ISO9001 and tries to be the best PCB assembly company for LED in Shenzhen China. Contact us and get the PCB assembly cost now.