Turnkey PCB Assembly

The world is getting faster everyday, and so, everyone wants the fastest delivery of their products ready to be used. The PCB industry and PCB buyers aren’t any exceptions. PCB buyers now want their PCB Assembly to be fully ready for use as soon as it is delivered.

So, the term “Turnkey PCB assembly’ has become the new buzzword of the industry. It mainly refers to the assembled PCB that buyers may use to manufacturer their devices right out of the box. But, turnkey PCB is much more than its immediate readiness.

We will look deep into the matter and suggest how to find a proper turnkey PCB supplier that will meet your demands and requirements.

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Our Recommended Led Light PCBA


Light PCB assembly is the process of assembling and soldering electronic components onto a printed circuit board (PCB) to form a functional electronic device.

The PCB material should be chosen based on factors like fire retardant, dielectric constant, loss factor, tensile stability, glass transition temperature, and Z-axis expansion coefficient.

The material should be selected based on the specific requirements of the electronic device being produced.

Shenzhen PCB assembly manufacturer is the ideal place for your Light PCB assembly needs. We can assist you in assembling everything from industrial high-power LEDs to commercial flood LEDs.

What Is Trunkey PCB Assembly?

To understand what turnkey PCBA means, you have to understand the meaning of turkey firstly. It means any product delivered to the buyer with readiness for immediate use.

That’s where things can get tricky. You may ask that all PCBs are ready for immediate use as you deliver them with full preparedness. But that’s not the reality.

Yes, manufacturers like FX PCB deliver the fully assembled PCB with necessary components as the buyer or device manufacturers ask. But, the printed circuit board is only the tip of the entire processing that links with PCB design, fabrication, fully assembled set up, and final product delivery to the buyer with the detailed diagram of the components on the PCB.

Therefore, turnkey PCB refers to a complete assembly procedure that includes printed circuit board manufacturing, its delivery, the design, component diagram, all components, and anything else that buyers need.

It enables the actual device manufacturers to know and understand their PCBs entirely to use them with immediate effect. On top of it, a fully assembled turnkey PCB allows buyers to focus on their actual manufacturing better since the PCB manufacturer will take care of everything else necessary, such as custom PCB design, and deliver it with all key information for immediate use.

Since the PCB assembly comes with all possible and required information for the buyers, it reduces their manufacturing time and saves money. This readiness of the turnkey PCB has also sped up the electronic world superbly.

Advantages of Turnkey PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCB, with its readiness in use, comes with some definite benefits. It includes-

Reduces Production Time:

The main benefit of the turnkey PCB is it drastically reduces the production time. Most turnkey PCB manufacturers, such as FX PCB, comes with a streamlined production mechanism that helps them deliver the turnkey printed circuit board fully assembled in the shortest possible time.

Turnkey PCB assembler actually assigns their one engineer for one company or buyer. So, within a short period, he will understand what the buyer wants and design the PCBs accordingly. It speeds up the manufacturing and also results in lesser faults during the production phase.

Also, when an engineer with his team is assigned to work with one buyer instead of multiple contacts, they can outsource the essential materials and components that further boost the production speed, which is a great help for the buyers.

Turnkey PCB Assembly

Turnkey PCBs are Cost-Effective:

Turnkey printed circuit board service is often streamlined and uniform. So, a group focuses on building a particular type of PCB, and it helps reduce the production cost. The quick and knowledgeable team will help greatly to reduce the cost for each PCB.

Less Prone to Errors:

Perhaps the most striking benefit of the turnkey PCB is its quality maintenance, leading to fewer errors on the circuit board. It is crucial since the tiniest fault in the circuit board could be hazardous for the device.

Also, buyers contacting one company will have less communication and understanding issues which also helps in reducing the errors of printed circuit boards. When you work with a reputed turnkey PCB manufacturing team, they will know exactly how to go about from Step 1 to Step 2 and follow it until the PCB assembly is completed.

Easiness in Work:

The manufacturer will deliver a turnkey PCB fully assembled with a detailed design and diagram for the components. As buyers know the details about which component is located on the circuit board, their device manufacturing works easily and fast.  Also, it saves time and removes any hassle during work time.

Steps of PCB Turnkey Assembly:

We have already mentioned that turnkey circuit board assembly is a streamlined process to speed up the delivery time and reduce production costs. Its steps include-

  • Parts outsourcing: Firstly, the PCB manufacturer will collect the parts required for buyers’ customized circuit board design as per your requirements. Turnkey PCB assemblers will outsource the components and forward them to the manufacturing team.
  • Designing: Next, the engineering team will use PCB design software to create the diagram of the components on the circuit board. Once the design is ready, the actual manufacturing process will start soon.
  • Assembly process: The team will work on the PCB design to develop the printed circuit board from scratch and attach the essential components according to the instructions.
  • Testing and prototype: After the assembly, engineers will use different testing methods to find the errors on the circuit board if there are any. Once the testing is done, they will create the prototypes.
  • Delivery and aftermarket service: When the PCB assembly successfully passes the testing, these will be delivered to the buyers. A good manufacturer, such as FX PCB, will also offer excellent aftermarket service to continue helping the buyers in their necessity.

Final Words

Turnkey PCB assembly, with its readiness for use right after the delivery, has brought a revolution in the electrical and electronics industry. More and more buyers opt for fully assembled printed circuit boards with detailed information on components, design, and a diagram for quick usability. With 10+ years of experience in PCB manufacturing, FX PCB is ready to deliver you the best turnkey PCB service at the lowest cost without compromising quality.

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