Halogen Free PCB Manufacturing



What is Halogen Free PCB

Halogen-free PCBs are manufactured using materials that do not contain halogens, such as fluorine, chlorine, bromine, and iodine. (These elements can release toxic gases posing risks to both human health and the environment)

Instead, they utilize alternative flame retardants and additives that perform similarly without the associated environmental hazards. Manufacturers can create PCBs that meet stringent environmental standards while maintaining high reliability and functionality by choosing halogen-free materials for substrates, solder masks, and surface finishes.

As more and more companies are aware of environmental issues,  halogen-free PCBs are one of the innovative solutions for their electronic part use.

Halogen-free PCBs offer a compelling solution by eliminating halogenated materials from the manufacturing process, thereby reducing environmental impact and enhancing safety.

How the Halogen free PCB manufactured?

  1. Substrate Material: The  Common substrate materials used in Halogen-Free PCBs include FR-4, which is inherently halogen-free. Other halogen-free substrate options include polyimide (PI) and PTFE-based materials.
  2. Conductive Traces: The conductive traces on a PCB are typically made of copper, which is an excellent conductor of electricity. Copper traces are deposited onto the substrate using processes such as etching or plating, forming intricate pathways that connect various electronic components on the board.
  3. Solder Mask: The solder mask is a protective layer applied over the conductive traces to insulate them from environmental factors and prevent unintended electrical connections during soldering. Halogen-free PCBs use solder masks formulated without halogen-based materials, often opting for alternatives such as epoxy-based or acrylic-based formulations.
  4. Surface Finish: The surface finish of a PCB serves to protect the exposed copper traces from oxidation and facilitate solderability during assembly. Common surface finish options for Halogen-Free PCBs include immersion silver, immersion tin, and organic surface finishes (OSFs), which are free from halogen-containing compounds.

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