Aluminum Nitride PCB Manufacturer in China

Fx PCB is a professional manufacturer of Ceramic substrate PCB,  and we can make the ALN PCB(Aluminum Nitride PCB)  and ALO203 circuit boards(Aluminum oxide board). FX PCB manufactures the Ceramic PCB in DPC (Direct plate copper) technology, which will plate the copper directly to the Ceramic Substrate. The advantage of the DPC manufacturing process is high thermal conductivity, high precision of the traces, and reasonable cost.

Let us talk about the ALN(Aluminum Oxide board) here, the substrate is gray in color, while the ALO203 is white.  The PCB  thickness can be 0.38-3.0mm,  Alumina substrate PCB size is 50×50 to 138*190mm. Its thermal conductivity is over 170.  So even the cost of ALN is more expensive than the ALO203, it is still the best choice for customer’s products

Ceramic PCB Capability:

Board Thickness(mm) 0.38/0.5/0.635/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm
Layer Number     1-2L
Base copper thickness(um) 18-300um(0.5-8.5oz)
Min Track width/space(mm)  0.075mm
Min hole size 0.06mm(PTH)
Finished hole tolerance(mm) 0.05mm(NPTH)
Outline Tolerance(mm) 0.05mm
Hole Tolerance    +/-0.05mm
Min space from track to board edge 0.2mm

Finished board thickness

Surface Treatment ENIG,ENEPIG,Immersion Silver
Material AIN, AI203

Ceramic PCB Materials Properties:

Item Unit Value Test Standard
Color / Gray 3.2
Density g/cm³ ≥ 3.33 GB/T 2413
Thermal Conductivity 20℃, W/(m · K) ≥ 170 GB/T 5598
Dielectric Constant 1MHz 8~10 GB/T 5594.4
Dielectric Strength KV/mm ≥ 17 GB/T 5593
Flexural Strength Mpa ≥ 450 GB/T 5593
Camber Length‰ ≤2‰
Surface Roughness Ra µ m 0.3~0.6 GB/T 6062
Water Absorption % 0 GB/T 3299—1996
Volume Resistivity 20℃, Ω .cm ≥ 10¹³ GB/T 5594.5
Thermal Expansion 10-6 mm      20~300℃ 2~3 GB/T 5593

FX PCB uses ceramic material imported from Germany and Fujian Huaqing, all incoming material will be strictly checked for the material properties. If you are looking for an ALN/Aluminum Nitride PCB Manufacture in China, please send us your inquiry.